Election fever, my realizations…for now

A few weeks after Rep. Satur Ocampo’s sortie (actually it was the Nacionalista Party’s sortie) here in Eastern Visayas last March 12-13, 2010, I realized and learned a lot of things:

1. Politics is really rotten in the Philippines. It has been instilled in some people’s minds that politicians can buy anything, otherwise why would you run especially for senator if you don’t have the money? Some people wouldn’t believe you that you are volunteering for a national candidate. When you say volunteer, no salary, no wage, no allowance.

While I was giving out leaflets and taking pictures at the same time during Ka Satur’s sorties…

Me: Vote for Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza for senator!

Man: Miss, how much do you receive from your candidate?

Me: (smiled, dimples out) Manong, I’m just a volunteer.

Man: Ows? I don’t believe you. You take a lot of effort and tire yourself without pay?

Me: (smiled sweetly again) Really manong, we’re just volunteers. Our candidates are poor. We need change. Vote for them. (Then ran where Ka Satur was shaking hands with vendors)

**Of course there wasn’t enough time to explain, the man was on a jeepney and I was almost running handing out leaflets and capturing good shots of Ka Satur…

2.  In Catbalogan City, Leyte (the town not the province) and Naval where we have practically no machinery, just a few contacts, not enough funds for mobility and other needs, a team (hindi naman ganun karami, isang tao ba yun o dalawa?) was deployed there a few days before the sortie’s arrival to do everything: from postering, look for volunteers, prepare the salubong, mobilize, etc, etc. The results was so good aakalain mong matagal nang nakaugat dun yung mga nagparticipate. No one is a better tactician during campaign sorties than from the progressive bloc themselves. Although we’re not used to the mainstream election campaign, aba’y kampanyang masa pa rin naman but with more creativity, style and gimmick. But of course you need a lot of tibay at lakas ng loob, especially kapal ng mukha at ka-epalan. Thanks a lot to the Kabataan Partylist people for bringing in more forces.

3. If you don’t talk and discuss the nitty-gritty details of an activity, you’ll go berserk during the actual activity when you see that there’s something wrong and nobody’s doing anything about it.

4. In mainstream politics, if you’re not epal, you’ll get stepped on by other politician’s supporters and leaders. Insist, insist, insist, epal, epal, epal is the key.

5. Even if Villar, Legarda and even our candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza win, the Philippine’s rotten system won’t take a 360° revolution that will change the system. We will gain a lot whether they win or not. The point is, change is beyond elections.

So will I continue to campaign for Kabataan Partylist, Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza? Oo naman! Mas kailangan pa nga natin silang ipanalo para maitulak ang mas marami pang repormang kinakailangan natin. Habang tayo sa labas? Tuloy ang laban!


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