Less than a month before the elections

Twenty seven days before the elections. We have less than a month remaining to campaign for Kabataan Partylist, Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza.

After Kabataan’s regional convention in Eastern Visayas, a full systems go should be (strictly) implemented for a more intensive campaign [never mind the really non-functional forces]. Despite some glitches during the convention due to lack of preparation, I commend Kabataan Partylist Eastern Visayas for the successful activity and showing that “tayo nga ang inaasahan ng bayan.” Among the most commendable delegates were the members from Eastern Samar who was able deliver a truck-load of delegates despite the 4-5 hours travel from the said province.

Kabataan Partylist members from Eastern Samar

After several years of silence of the legal democratic movement in the province after Gen. Jovito Palparan’s bloody stint in the region, they have come forward again to shout to the world that the struggle for genuine change will not be totally silenced by the government’s fascism.

I admire their enthusiasm even thought they’re still recovering from a hard blow, they’re determined to let our candidates win. Everybody should adopt their enthusiasm and initiative.

After the activity, the next thing to do is campaign (more) for Kabataan Partylist, our Senatorial candidates Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza. House to house campaign is still the most effective way to gather as much votes as possible given the remaining days to campaign. Having the chance to explain the accomplishments and platforms of our candidates, there will be a sure conversion of votes.

Of course its online campaign for me since I have other responsibilities which doesn’t include going with the postering and house to house campaign.

Winning this election is quite difficult, but given the right motivation of the people campaigning here and more volunteers coming out, we can definitely gather much more votes compared to the 2007 elections.

So for everybody, if we want to win, there’s no room for sentiments from this day until the proclamation (if the election will be successful). Kaya galaw galaw na!

Promote KABATAAN Partylist (#152) among your friends. Use this as YOUR profile pic. Want to contribute more? Go to http://kabataanpartylist.com/support/152-for-152/ for the #1 task any KABATAAN Partylist member can contribute to our cause.


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