Mayor Alfred Romualdez buwaon?

After more than a year since  Mayor Alfred Romualdez responded to the People’s Agenda that was presented to him which was put into writing, signed and notarized before Tacloban became a Highly Urbanized City, a clear and sincere implementation of his signed promise was not seen.

Mayor's greedy smile. Matuod ka pa ba?


One thought on “Mayor Alfred Romualdez buwaon?

  1. No he is not “buwaon” He is just PUTTING THINGS IN ORDER. The quesion should go this way instead. Are we TACLOBANONS REALLY SINCERE FOR OUR GOOD? Or mahilig gud ba talaga kita mag finger pointing. Look at ourselves, ARE WE REALLY SINCERE TO FOLLOW ORDINDANCES WHAT IS IMPOSE FOR OUR OWN GOOD? That is the question, bisan hin-o pa it aton ibutang pagka mayor if WE are NOT SINCERE, waray la guihapon matatabo.
    Bangin mayda napaluyo hine politiko para mandaot. Magamit hin grupo kay hirane na it eleksyon!


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