I prefer calling him ABNoy

A few days from now, President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will be sworn into office as the 15th President of the Philippines. A lot considers his win as a landslide victory for leading almost 6 million votes ahead of former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. Many are satisfied with the results for the 2010 automated polls because it coincides with the surveys before election. Not to mention the many irregularities and system glitches of the poll system before, during and after the election day.

From the start I expressed my dislike for Noynoy’s presidency, although I wasn’t able to blog about it, mainly because he’s a nobody except that he’s the only son of ‘democracy icons’ Ninoy and Cory Aquino. Not only that he’s the most delinquent legislator who’s part of the Silent Committee, he presented a very unclear platform during the campaign period, only dragging along his parents’ popular names.

In his 12 years stint as a legislator and with not one law was passed that was authored by him, it’s crystal clear that he will not be able to deliver the ‘change’ that everybody is hoping.

Leading a country is not something that you can set aside because somebody else can do it. Like in Congress, if you’re so lazy you can’t make enough Bills that can be enacted into law, you can just do whatever you want, rob as much money as you can from the government with projects using your pork barrel and ignore legislation because there are more than 200 other legislators that can work on making laws for you.

When you’re President of the Republic of the Philippines, all eyes and cameras will be pointed at you, watching your every move. One single mistake and you’ll be criticized big time, especially when a lot of people will be affected with that single mistake.


I noticed that a lot of articles named Noynoy as PNoy for President Noynoy like PGMA for President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Maybe they’re using PNoy because it will be very Filipinoish and cool to be called PNoy—Pinoy’s President.

But I, on the other hand prefer calling him ABNoy. Not only because of the rumors about his drooling and obviously his almost retard look (so sorry to the special children for the term) but it stands for America’s Boy Noynoy or America’s Bet si Noynoy.

Why America’s Bet? We are talking about class origin here. Noynoy belongs to the class of big landlord and big compradore bourgeoisie who are long time allies of U.S. Imperialism. Most likely, he will push for the interest of his class which is also the interest of the U.S. No matter how many slogans they cry out that they are for the poor, their interests comes first.

Without a doubt, Noynoy will be following his mother’s footsteps in implementing bogus agrarian reform and peasant-activists-critics-killer anti-insurgency program.


Although there has already been predictions of what the new Aquino administration will be like, what he can do still has to be seen. The first 100 days of his term as President will determine how he will run this country for the next six years.



Photo by Raymund Villanueva


There’s nothing wrong with hoping. Hope that he will distribute the lands of Hacienda Luisitia to its poverty-stricken farm workers, hope that salaries and wages will increase, hope that GRP will open up for negotiations with the NDFP, hope that his government will withdraw support to the VFA, hope that he will push for a bigger budget for social services like health, housing and education, hope for this, hope for that, and more hope.

As there are a lot of reforms that are needed to be done to pull the Filipino people out of a sinking boat, 100 days would be enough to instill significant changes that could be carried out beyond his 6 years in office.

As the saying goes “kung talagang gusto, maraming paraan; kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.” (If you really want to do something, there are lots of way; if you don’t, there are lots of reasons)

In the end, the challenges posed by different groups to the incoming Aquino administration is also a challenge to us, the people, to enforce the changes we want with our own hands.


4 thoughts on “I prefer calling him ABNoy

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  2. And Now Where Suffering because of ABNoy… High Toll in SLEX and NLEX, Taxi Fares, Everyday Increase in Gasoline and Diesel, Next Will be Higher MRT and LRT Fare Rate. What’s next?

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