step·moth·er [step-muhth-er] – n. the wife of one’s father by a later marriage.

Disney fairy tales stereotyped stepmothers as wicked and evil. Father married them after the mother died so someone motherly can take care of his children, usually daughters. At first she seems nice, befriend and even serve her husband’s daughter. Because the father dies or maybe pays too much attention to his daughter, the stepmother turns against the daughter, either set to kill her or make her a slave and oppress her. Stepmothers were stereotyped to hate her husband’s daughter for eternity. Like any other fairy tale, the stepmother either perishes or gets the punishment she deserves.

Of course, in real life that’s not [always] the case. There are some really good stepmothers who make a real effort to get along with her husband’s children and family. But what if she turns out to be the stereotyped evil stepmother? How are you going to deal with it?

Unlike fairy tales, Prince Charming doesn’t come prancing aboard his white horse to save the day so you have to deal with this on your own, or maybe with siblings, or your father or with friends. You are decisive on what course of action to take. There are a lot of things to consider. We can’t measure how “evil” a person is but our conscience and morals will tell us if we’ve had enough.

The important thing is that you’re in control of the situation. Never stoop down to a lower level than where you stand right now. Being angry is natural and once in a while you may snap but sometimes confrontation is the best solution. No matter how “evil” she is or maybe stupid for that matter, don’t do anything that you will regret.

Breathe. Think. Smirk. Smile.

***Sorry for the rantings.

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