Project Rise Photo Contest: Homeless (Please Vote for my Entry!)

My photo is one of the finalists for the Global Fund for Children’s Project Rise, a photo contest about the pressing issues adolescent girls are facing and *eherm* my entry is the only entry coming from the Philippines.

So, I’m appealing to everybody to please help me win by voting for my photo. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Global Fund for Children’s Facebook page by clicking the link and click ‘Like’
  2. Vote for my photo by clicking this link ( and click ‘Like’ found at the bottom of the photo

The photo depicts demolition of homes in urban areas in the Philippines which leads to displacement and homelessness, a very pressing issue faced by thousands of adolescent girls in the country (the contest’s theme).

Help me raise the issue of demolition of urban poor in the Philippines to the whole world.

By the way, if ever I win, we (Tudla Productions) will use the prize (which is just a small amount) to continue the group’s advocacy in coverning the issues of the marginalized sectors in the Philippines.

Please spread the word! Voting is until September 23!


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