A few days before the nationwide protest against Oil Price Hike, the police threatened protesters to arrest plankers during the March 15 protests. Of course the police’s statement is just plain stupid because there is no law against planking (although QC Rep. Winnie Castelo filed an Anti-Planking Bill last year) so there’s no legal basis for the threatened arrest.

Because planking is so last year, there was a buzz in social media networks from youth groups about a new form of protest called “noynoying”. They defined “noynoying” as the act of doing nothing even if you are supposed to be doing something. “Noynoying” came from the root word Noynoy, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III’s (PNoy) nickname. “Noynoying” represents the administration’s inaction to pressing issues like oil price hike, budget cuts on social services and demolition of urban poor communities.

“Noynoying” was first introduced by youth groups yesterday at the protest in front of the National Housing Authority (NHA) before the start of the transport caravan.

Photo by Ciriaco Santiago III

Meanwhile, at the Palace press conference on the same day, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda just shrugged of “noynoying” and said that it won’t have any effect on the public. But on the same day they released PNoy’s photo while working in his office.

Photo from the Official Gazette

But while everybody was sleeping, #noynoying was top 9 in the Philippines trends in Twitter. No effect, eh?

So youth group Anakbayan released a guide on “How to do the NOYNOYING”.

So come on and shoot that #noynoying pose and post it in the internet to get our message across that we don’t want a #noynoying government. We need our government to immediately act on important peoples’ issues.

But please, no #noynoying all day.


One thought on “NOYNOYING

  1. Noynoying. “They defined “noynoying” as the act of doing nothing even if you are supposed to be doing something.”

    Hope “erap-ing” won’t be a term anytime soon. I don’t want the residents of Manila to suffer in the hands of their new mayor. I am so disappointed at the former president. Instead of focusing on the problems of Manila, guess what he did first? He appointed the infamous Carlos Celdran as their new Tourism Consultant. See link here: Philippine Underground


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