Government accountability during disaster

While we’re busy helping in our own little ways to rescue and give immediate relief for our brothers and sisters who were devastated by typhoon #YolandaPH, we must remember that this is not enough and the only solution that we can offer. Yes we can assist in some areas, but how about in a large-scale? Who will do that? Who has the capacity? Definitely not the media, our small efforts for relief drives, nor non-government organizations (NGOs). 

Our government is primarily responsible for immediate relief and rehabilitation whenever there are disasters because they have all the resources and machinery that can be utilized during disasters, and mind you, not only during disasters but also preparing for it by reducing risks to avoid widespread devastation and casualties. 

So when our disaster-stricken brothers and sisters are still crying out for help a week after the typhoon, to whom do we direct our calls? Of course, to the government. In times of disaster, immediate relief and rehabilitation are basic human rights which the government should guarantee because it’s their responsibility.

We must understand that throughout history, when the people press on the government for it’s inaction and inefficiency, they are compelled to move faster and act on basic issues that the people face. And when we are gagged, we become silent, nothing happens.

Yes, most of us are angry because of this government’s inefficiency and lack of compassion, but we must turn this anger into concrete actions and demands. Because if we just sit and wait until our repacked goods arrive on-God-knows-when-and-where to our loved ones, nothing will happen. We must turn this anger into an organized force so that our voice will be louder and demands will be heard because one status message or tweet is not enough, one plea to the media is not enough. Let’s unite!Image


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