from work to beach and back to work again

I just arrived from a mind boggling schedule today and I was planning to sleep immediately when I arrived but because I read a note from my comrade, I had to check the internet.

I’ve been reading some blogs just a few minutes ago and was reminded that I had 3 blog accounts which has been disregarded for several months, one of them for years that’s why I’m writing this doodles and nonsense-hoping-to-be-turned-into-something-with-sense blog.

After 3 days of listening, talking, arguing of things to be done for the election, it’s such a relief to be home for the day but frustrating because I wasn’t able to sleep as I planned. I’m excited for the coming days of busy schedules for the campaign but frustrated because I’m anticipating that the people who are supposed to help will be of minimal participation (as of today, hopefully not in the near future). Frustration should be shooed away from my mind and system to let in all the positive energy.

The beach was such a reward. White sand, green water, fresh air and great view. We didn’t have good food there since the trip was a spontaneous decision to check out the beach while we were on our way home. We had grilled fish—that was so fresh that we didn’t have to mix it with anything, even with salt— junk food, soft drinks and tuba (coconut wine). Too bad I didn’t like the smell of the tuba they bought so I didn’t drink.

I had fun while swimming with my companions and of course with my partner. The water was good, clear and clean which is not often seen in beaches nowadays.  Except for the few jellyfish which was able to pass through the net that was placed to keep them out of the swimming area, the few hours at the beach went well. Too bad I didn’t have the camera with me, even if its captured images aren’t that good.

Beaches has always been a comfort for me. I love seeing the water, feeling the breeze and hearing the waves and birds. It has always been a sanctuary away from the stressful realities.

So now after checking back to reality, let’s get back to work and hope that the beautiful beach will still be there for my return to wash away the impurities of the world.


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